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The Space

At approximately 32 square meters in total, Fordhouse Studio is split in to one open-plan live room and a separate control room (and a WC). This creates more than enough space to record a 5-6 piece band live without feeling like you’re tripping over each other.

Live Room

18 square metres in size, with natural light and ambient lighting, the live room is spacious yet cozy. Strategic acoustic treatment allows a whole range of instruments and styles to be recorded; depending on where you stand, different panels on the walls and ceilings can achieve everything from a controlled open sound to a super-tight dry sound. With a range of instruments set up & ready to use, the room is completed by a cinema-style sofa, drinks fridge, coffee machine, and kettle. A great space in which to record & write, the relaxing sofa area is also perfect for podcast recording.


Four individual headphone mixes, with up to 16 sets of headphones, means you are in complete control of what you’re hearing when you’re recording. A double-wide glass door allows full eye contact to the control room as well as a complete talk-back system to communicate with your engineer & other band members.

Control Room

Loosely modelled on the Prarie Sun Studios mixing room, mixing is a dream in this room. Strategic panels and a fully treated ceiling eliminate reflections and remove false frequencies meaning you can hear all the detail of your music with ease. The view from the sofa at the back of the room is of the mammoth Allen & Heath GL4000 console so, sit back and enjoy the view and sounds.

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