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You've spent days, weeks, maybe months working on your next release, so don't rely on a robot to master it in a few minutes.

Mastering is an art. Let Fordhouse Studios and Forbed Coleman master your music by listening to the intricate details of each song and using over 20 years of experience to bring it to life.


Your finished mix is run through an extensive suite of high-end digital mastering plug-ins comprising of virtual channel strips, faithful recreastions of real-world compressors, tape simulators, digital maximisers, and much more...

Digital Mastering

  • A Redbook standard master disc, delivered to your door, ready for pressing and duplication.

    ​Redbook master discs include vital information and CD-TEXT to help identify your CD in supported CD players and for radio play/royalty tracking.

  • A "virtual" Redbook standard master disc image, uploaded to you ready for pressing & duplication.

    Redbook master images are the same as the CD, but they are digital and therefore have 0% error rate for duplication. Any CD duplication services who know what they're doing will ask for a DDP image.