Online Mastering

With a choice of all-digital mastering, analogue-digital hybrid mastering, and mastering via vintage tape, Fordhouse Studio has mastering covered for all projects and all budgets.

Mastered WAV file ready for release

Interaction with the engineer

1 set of revisions

Usual turnaround of 3-5 days, delivered via Dropbox

The Online Mastering service makes the expertise of Fordhouse Stuidio and Forbes Coleman available to anyone, anywhere.

Planning on mastering five or more tracks in a year?

Whether you've planning on releasing a number of tracks spread throughout the year, or an EP/Album all at once,

the UNLIMITED MASTERING plans are a great way to save money on ongoing and bigger projects.

Get Your Project Ready

Preparing Your Mix for Mastering

Send you mix as an uncompressed stereo WAV with a bit depth of 24bit and a sampling frequency of 44.1kHz or 48kHz. No pre-processing using limiting or normalising – as much headroom as possible is needed to work with (at least -3db) to make sure that your tracks sound as good as possible when we master it.

Please note Track duration must be no longer than 10 minutes.
Each version or mix of a track will be charged separately.


The online mastering package includes one revision. All additional revisions are charged as a new project (full price).

What File Formats Do I Get?

  • 24bit 48kHz WAV - for digital distribution
  • 16bit 48kHz WAV - for CD duplication
  • 320kpbs mp3 - for all other uploads