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AudioBeach Studios

AudioBeach Studios was an idea created by Forbes in 2008. In 2009, Jez came on board to see the idea to realisation.


Then, on January 16th 2010, AudioBeach Studios officially opened its doors as the UK’s only Lottery Funded, non-profit record studio.


Now, on the 16th August 2021, AudioBeach Studios will close its doors for the final time as one of Brighton’s longest standing recording studios.


After 11 years & 7 months (4230 days/6091200 minutes), the time has come for Jez and Forbes to move on to new projects. Having both now moved away from the South East, new challenges await elsewhere.


We have worked with hundreds of bands and artists over the years, and released some amazing singles, EPs, and albums. Brighton truly is a hub of talented musicians; we’re immensely proud of the work we’ve done and thankful to the people we’ve met along the way.


What Happens Next?

All projects we’re working on right now have already been informed and most are being wrapped up. Bookings wise, we have NO dates available now so, if you're not booked in now, you've missed out!


What About the Equipment?

Most of the equipment will be coming with us as we start new projects or enhance existing ones. 


Where Are You Guys Going?

You can continue to work with Forbes for remote mixing & mastering, and then from September onwards when his new studio will be setup and ready to record bands and artists (and drums via just like at AudioBeach!


You can continue to work with Jez for remote mixing & mastering, and recording, at where you’ll also find the old Allen & Heath Sigma 24L desk still going strong!


We want to thank everyone, again, who has believed in AudioBeach, supported AudioBeach, and helped us along the way. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we hope to see some of you again very soon!


Forbes & Jez

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