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Fordhouse Studio, opened in September 2021, is the second recording studio built

by producer/engineer/musician Forbes Coleman.

As a purpose-built private recording studio, everything has been designed with recording and production in mind. The live room and control room have been treated specifically for recording rather than trying to find a balance between rehearsals and recordings, so everything you record at Fordhouse Studio will be the best it can be.


When you book in to record, the studio is yours and yours only, i.e.: there are no other rooms/studios to contend with, the instruments & facilities are all yours, and you can relax knowing you won’t be interrupted by other musicians.


The idea behind Fordhouse Studio was to create a professional studio that was actually affordable which is why, after searching for a commercial space in Birmingham (England), the decision was made to purpose-build a space on a disused part at the end of a garden.


This means there’s;

  • plenty of free parking

  • great transport links

  • no CAZ charges

  • loads of nearby shops

  • great pubs & bars

  • cheap restaurants

  • privacy

  • and a super-relaxed atmosphere.

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